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Little steps better than no steps

By Liz Gibson. Today we had lots to do in Oban.  We decided not to take the car on the ferry but we did drive to and from the ferry in order to have a longer day.  The buses only meet some ferries.  Also I haven’t found out if dogs are allowed on the bus.  I know they weren’t in the past but perhaps that has changed.
I’d been thinking about how little I’ve been able to do in the way of lower carbon transport and trying to react more constructively than just feeling guilty, or thinking I shouldn’t have volunteered for this blog.  I was cheered to realise a few things:
1. if we’d still been living in Dalmally we would almost certainly have driven into Oban because of all we needed to do.  That would have been a 50 mile round trip.  Perhaps if I’d been doing this blog I would have made myself go for the train but there are a lot of “ifs” involved.
2. by not taking the car on the ferry we didn’t seem to be saving more than the couple of miles to our destination in the town.  But I’d have been very tempted to jump into it to nip round town to get the various things we’d forgotten or not realised we were going to need.  That would have been at least another three miles and probably more.
3. walking the mile each way from and back to the ferry, even in the rain, especially at the end of the day, was more relaxing than making sure I was in the car queue half an hour in advance.
4. because I walked I bumped into a friend who I would have missed if I’d been driving.
5. the ferry was delayed by the weather but sitting in the terminal building was more comfortable than sitting in the car.  It was warm and well lit so reading and knitting was easy.
6. I need more than six weeks, and some creative ideas for getting further afield on the mainland without a car.  But at least I’m now seriously considering it.  Which is more constructive than just feeling guilty.

About lizlovingandlearning

Excited by life, passionate about justice and peace, trying to follow the teachings of Jesus in daily life, living on a croft on the island of Mull, working as a "freelance" Church of Scotland minister. Married to Martyn for over 25 years, mum to Paul & Hamish, both in their 20s. Previous jobs include backstage in theatre, selling non-sexist & multicultural books round schools, hospital chaplaincy, hemming silk scarves, and all sorts of other jobs, mostly in Edinburgh.

2 comments on “Little steps better than no steps

  1. Margret
    October 20, 2013

    Liz, this is inspiring! I, too, find that walking connects me more deeply to people and the world around me. Still enjoy using my car, and don’t know how I’d get all my recycling stuff up to Moleigh or into the charity shops without it!
    But have just obtained permission from one of my new neighbours to use their garden path to cut a foot journey shorter and make it a lot less dangerous.
    Here’s to great landlords, and to fabulous neighbours!
    All best wishes to you and yours
    M x

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