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Secret Electric Bike Club?

By Ali Macleod

So busy up here, the idillic rural life is full of tasks,people and, yes, places to go. After taking a little time out and pressing the button on the digital read out a few times and in different pressures I have discovered a surprising readout of 258 kilometres travelled since I purchased the bike. Wondered if this was wrong, as one of the weeks I was away in Italy, but converting my mileage it is probably right. No wonder I can feel the wee ache in my legs most of the time. I am looking forward to my Thai Massage this afternoon. A regular event that keeps my fishing aches and strains at bay, but has been on hold for the last month due to two holidays, her’s and mine.

This biking has had a pretty dramatic change of mindset. I check to see if I really need to go to where ever for what ever because now it takes a genuine effort, before it was a thoughtless “jump in the van”. And although I reckon I have always been fairly observant you do appreciate the immediacy of the cycle, only thing is that I need just a little more time as the journey is often punctuated with stops for a closer look or a photo.



On one of my delivery trips I had company on the way home, Aron, one of the other electric bike owners joined me on the trip south.


Seems there are four bikes in town now and we discussed the setting up of an electric bike club, although even for the over 40s clubs are supposed to be secret.

About applecrosslifeattheedge

I have been involved with prawn fishing since 1978,interrupted by a foray into further education.Have my own boat which I work single handed balanced out by working at the world famous Applecross Inn. I am married with four boys,seven hens,three dogs and a cat.I have an underused croft with plans.Interested in community and sustainable living,yoga and the environment.

2 comments on “Secret Electric Bike Club?

  1. peacheyword
    October 19, 2013

    Lovely pictures Ali.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge
      October 19, 2013

      Thanks, a very photogenic place.

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