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Swans, Dogs and Broadband.

by Ali Macleod…

Reading Anne’s blog about going to the SNP conference has got me thinking about the draw backs of rural transport provision. I have always thought that the services here in Applecross will never be what is taken for granted in more built up areas of the country and fair enough as simply living here is such a great compensation. The electric bike has actually solved my transport within the peninsula and I honestly only use, and will use, my van for transporting goods, such as bait, creels, wood, seaweed and the like. I can cheat a little as well as was the case yesterday. Coming down with the “man flu” and finishing a shift at the Inn I still had to take the dogs out for their jaunt. I am getting better at multi tasking, yes we guys can do it as well, it’s just that we have to put a little more thought into it. So, as Applecross Community Company is working with Community Broadband Scotland in rolling out our own Broadband network, I decided to take Dougal and Co down to Toscaig to see the latest mast set up.


Instead of a walk it was a run for them with me on the bike. Five miles later and a walk up a hill plenty of exercise was achieved.


Dougal,not being in the picture, as he was rodent hunting off to the right up a wee hill gets a picture of his own, pre-walk as he is invariably filthy went he comes home.


On a slightly different note I am scheduled to go to Glasgow next month for a fishing meeting at the City Chambers. With this new mindset in place I will be investigating a public/private transport journey. Going back to Anne’s comment about rural transport difficulties, as the meeting is on a Tuesday it would have been impossible for me to get out of Applecross on public transport, so the first part will have to be in the van. It is a genuine thumbs up to Stop Climate Chaos Scotland for this change in thinking. Whether I manage some of the journey on public transport remains to be seen.

And finally back to the swans. As I have said before I have always stopped the van when I see things, events or colours but the little change I notice now is I hear nature as well. I was five minutes late for work as I had stopped not just to watch the swans but to listen to them calling across Milton Loch, obviously organising a get together.


About applecrosslifeattheedge

I have been involved with prawn fishing since 1978,interrupted by a foray into further education.Have my own boat which I work single handed balanced out by working at the world famous Applecross Inn. I am married with four boys,seven hens,three dogs and a cat.I have an underused croft with plans.Interested in community and sustainable living,yoga and the environment.

2 comments on “Swans, Dogs and Broadband.

  1. Tom Allan
    October 24, 2013

    I’m impressed that you still went out on the bike with “man flu!” One thing I am wondering Ali is whether you feel that you would have found the experience of switching to the bike on Applecross so rewarding if the bike had not been electric. From your posts, I get the impression that you are covering some substantial distances and that the terrain is sometimes pretty challenging. Do you think the electric bike was worth the extra investment in the end?

    • applecrosslifeattheedge
      October 24, 2013

      Definitely the most important part of the switch is the electric bit. I have had access to my son’s Giant, a very decent road bike, but not much good for delivering langoustine. It is sort of dual purpose in that I can simply travel from A to B but it also needs to transport especially due to the cost of the bike. Also knowing you have help in the electric part when you come ashore after hauling 4/500 creels is very helpful. I am hoping the technology continues to improve and the batteries get smaller and travel further. The difference between mine and the two and a half year old Wisper already in Applecross is quite startling.

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