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Aaah, the Irony.

By Ali Macleod

Life is full of irony. Here I am blogging on a site that is promoting changing your mode of transport in order to lower your carbon footprint while in my “community life” I am a volunteer director for Applecross Trading Company.


At present the sole purpose of this Company is to provide a local service to the local community which is selling fuel through Applecross Filling Station. My other blog, Applecrosslife, was shared and tweeted several times  which resulted in quite an increase in traffic as it posted about the Fuel Discount Scheme imminent rollout through out rural parts of the UK. A pilot scheme was introduced on the islands which gave Filling Stations a five pence discount on their fuel price. For various reasons, which to us appear both unsound and chaotic, Applecross, one of the most remote Filling Stations in the land has been left out.

So on the one hand I am promoting a price cut in fuel to make it easier for country folk to get around in their cars and vans while at the same time I am pedalling around the same community on my electric bike.


I am one of the contacts for any problems occurring at the Station, which usually means a reboot and it is up and running again. So here I am turning up at the Filling Station on my bike to enable guys to buy fuel to get to where they are going to. Today I am altering the price of diesel down 2p a litre and joining a campaign to get it down another 5p, while believing price is going to be one of the only ways to stop us over consuming, hmmmm.


Over the years promoting a ” green way of living” is best done by just going about it by example. The bike has caused genuine interest and apart from telling people that it is easy getting around the area, saving fuel more than makes up for the bike purchase. So all I have now to contend with in the coming week is the dark afternoons and horizontal rain such as experienced last night on my way home from my shift at the Inn.

About applecrosslifeattheedge

I have been involved with prawn fishing since 1978,interrupted by a foray into further education.Have my own boat which I work single handed balanced out by working at the world famous Applecross Inn. I am married with four boys,seven hens,three dogs and a cat.I have an underused croft with plans.Interested in community and sustainable living,yoga and the environment.

2 comments on “Aaah, the Irony.

  1. msydenham
    October 29, 2013

    Rural communities face a completely different set of challenges to ruban areas, much less access to public transport, services all far away and yet the most expensive fuel…..

  2. applecrosslifeattheedge
    October 30, 2013

    Solutions have to be slightly out of the box, community minibus, car share, trips to town shared or items picked up and vice versa or an electric bike.

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