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Clocking up the miles.

By Ali Macleod

Despite the weather we are still on the bike. Some of my journeys have been in pretty nasty weather. Head down and thinking of home. The electric motor is invaluable as it takes so much of the pain out of the journeys. I reckon I must be a bit obstinate as the van is no longer an option. Assuming weather is not too bad for fishing tomorrow 400 kilometres will have been clocked up since this wee challenge was undertaken.


On the road from the boat on Saturday met the ice cream man and Sarah on the way home from the poultry market. Stopped for a chat,


checked out their new purchases sitting on the back seat,


sold them some langoustine and headed to the Inn with the rest of the catch.In the van it would have just been a smile and a wave, the bike has opened up a new world.

Again this evening, on the same hill come to think of it, the sinking sun out to the west meant you did not even think of the twenty kilo on the trailer. In fact the main problem was making sure you kept on the road as you kept looking out to the fading light in the western sky.


Further along two locals carrying a garden chair into the garage for winter storage, one calls out “I see you are saving fuel again”. It has been good to try out this mode of transport at this time of year as cycling in winter, in the cold, dark and rain, come spring and summer it should be  a doddle.

About applecrosslifeattheedge

I have been involved with prawn fishing since 1978,interrupted by a foray into further education.Have my own boat which I work single handed balanced out by working at the world famous Applecross Inn. I am married with four boys,seven hens,three dogs and a cat.I have an underused croft with plans.Interested in community and sustainable living,yoga and the environment.

2 comments on “Clocking up the miles.

  1. msydenham
    November 12, 2013

    390 miles? How much would that have cost in fuel and how many of those miles did you pedal? It’s amazing how they mount up.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge
      November 12, 2013

      It is kilometres and now at 437. That has slowed down a bit as the weather has closed in so not so many trips to the pier for fishing but it mounts up without too much thought. Just shows the trips I take in my van around Applecross without any fore thought. I have always kept it in eco mode which is the lowest of 5 modes and use the throttle for the hills and against the wind but still pedal. So you can say I pedal it all but with assists.

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